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Bull Smoke is a proud contributing member of SFATA - The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association. Founded by industry leaders in 2011, SFATA and Bull Smoke are instrumental in protecting the rights of individual electronic cigarette users. We are proud to be associated with such an important organization and we not only contribute financially to extensive scientific studies, but we are instrumental participants in working with regulators in furthering the advancement of this new and emerging technology. When you buy a Bull Smoke product, be rest assured that you are helping to make a difference in supporting the outreach and research endeavors that are paramount to the future of the electronic cigarette industry. SAFTA members like ourselves are not only committed to providing the top quality manufactured products, but are required to do so by the association rules. For this reason, it is vital for you as a consumer to take notice of the SAFTA seal on participating member websites if you are concerned at all about buying the top quality and industry audited electronic cigarette products.

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