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Men Ranch Hand A total of 10 cartridges come with this purchase. Please choose the Two Cartridge 5-Packs that you would like with your Ranch Hand Kit:

Cartridge 5-Pack #1:
Cartridge 5-Pack #2:

Special ONLINE Price: Only $24.99

The Ranch Hand Kit contains everything you need to start vaping.

  • 10 Cartridges (Free! Select Above)
  • 2 Original Automatic Batteries
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • CE Certified Wall Adaptor
  • Detailed Owners Manual
  • USB Express Charger

There are 10 atomized cartridges included. Learn more about cartridge strength

We offer three varieties of tobacco flavored cartridges that simulate the various tobacco tastes. Much like tobacco cigarettes, people will enjoy one flavor more than others and can re-order that flavor. The Ranch Hand Kit includes two 5-packs of cartridges of your choice.

Note: disregard the empty white box labeled "Atomized Cartridges" that comes inside the kit box. This is a carryover from the previous generation of this kit, and the 10 cartridges were contained in there. The 10 cartridges you select above will come in two 5-packs externally from the kit box.

Compares to:
Compares to:
Single Leaf Virginia Tobacco Brands
Turkish Tobacco Blend Brands
Compares to:
Compares to:
Multi-Leaf Tobacco Blend Brands
Menthol Blend Tobacco Brands


The Ranch Hand Kit contains 2 fully rechargeable batteries.

Bull Smoke uses a specially designed 4.2V long life lithium battery, which comprises the top of the electronic cigarette. These batteries are specially designed to generate a thick and robust vapor. Depending upon usage, each Bull Smoke rechargeable battery will last between 4 hours to 3 days. The life of the battery is greatly dependant on your daily usage. It comes with an indicator light on the tip which will blink rapidly when the battery is getting low. The Ranch Hand Kit includes 2 Original Batteries.

The guide below will help you select the right nicotine level for yourself.

24 mg (2.4% Nicotine Content) = comparable to "non filters"
18 mg (1.8% Nicotine Content) = comparable to "full flavored"  
12 mg (1.2% Nicotine Content) = comparable to "lights"  
  6 mg (0.6% Nicotine Content) = comparable to "ultra-lights"
  0 mg (0.0% Nicotine Content) = contains no nicotine.

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