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Compare Electronic Cigarettes

Bull Smoke is simple, with just 2 peices. Other brands require 3 or more components.

Product Cycle and Development

Innovative design that features only 2 components that easily screw into one another. Only available with 3 or more components that take time and effort to assemble.
Easy One-step cartridge replacement: Simply unscrew the battery from old cartridge and screw in the new one. Many steps are required to replace a cartridge: Disassemble mouthpiece, pull out old cartridge, insert new one, and screw mouthpiece back on.
The atomizer is conveniently integrated into the disposable cartridge along with the nicotine pad. It is disposable and replaced with each new cartridge. The atomizing mechanism is meant to be reused and reordered and replaced as it quickly loses performance as it gets clogged with use.
The nicotine pad is conveniently built into cartridge. You never need to touch it, and it never leaks. Nothing could be so simple. The wet nicotine pad needs to be unwrapped and inserted manually into mouthpiece, leaving you with a leaky and messy situation on your hands.

Ergonomics and Vapor Quality

The overall size, shape, color and featherweight construction closely resemble a traditional cigarette in all aspects. Much longer in size, much heavier in weight and comes in non-traditional shapes and colors. Nothing like a real cigarette.
Has a texture similar to traditional cigarette. This is the real deal. Feels like a cheaply made electronic gadget with a plastic case.
Features the most realistic LED at the tip that glows bright when inhaling, just like a lit cigarette. The LED is weak and hardly noticeable and often not even cherry red like a real cigarette.
You get a strong and deep breath of smoke-like vapor that resembles smoke even when exhaling. The vapor created is weak and is hardly noticeable, especially after exhaling.

Cleanliness and Freshness

The cartridge resembles the filter on a traditional cigarette, and the entire part is disposable. The atomizing chamber is never disposed, and the mouthpiece is often reused indefinitely.
Each new cartridge contains a brand new atomizer along with the exact amount and flavor of the fresh nicotine solution that you desire. No guess work. As the unit is used more and more, residue builds up and collects inside. This creates a musty, stale odor and causes drastically reduced performance.

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