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Bull Bucks Reward Points

Bull Bucks

Create a Bull Smoke customer account when ordering and receive Bull Bucks Reward Points upon checkout. These Bull Bucks represent 10% of the pre-discounted product list price. For example, when ordering $100 of merchandise, the user account associated with the purchase is credited with 100 Bull Bucks, worth $10. If quantity discounts or coupons are used on the order, the reward points earned may be manually adjusted after the order to reflect the actual dollar amount spent on products in that order. Clearance items excluded. Bull Bucks accumulate in the associated user account and can be saved up or used as credit towards any follow-up product purchase. You'll receive Bull Bucks on every order you place, except for orders in which you redeem your accumulated points.

The best part is, they never expire!

Bull Bucks

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